Saturday, July 6, 2024

GoPro Bells And Whistles

We know that saying which action camera is the best is a subjective matter. This never ending topic came up yesterday after someone asked which is the best Gopro action camera. Later this year, the newest version, GoPro Hero 13 is going to be released.

I shared that I am still using a GoPro Hero 4, which is a ten year old version. But for the things that I do with my camera, kayaking, motorcycle rides, underwater photography, the camera is flawless. Which is why I have four of them to record different angles of photos or video.

Another reason I haven't upgraded is due to the non-existent customer service by GoPro, and the cascade of bugs and glitches with the newer models. So why would I spend money in a new glitchy product when I have a trouble-free old camera that still provides reliable service?

I feel sorry for the new users buying the latest GoPro bells and whistles. They have no idea the problems they are getting into.

For the record, all these images were taken with a GoPro Hero 4.

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