Friday, May 20, 2022

Sliding Doors

In 1998, I remember watching Sliding Doors. It is a movie where a woman (Gwyneth Paltrow) rushes out to catch a train, then two scenarios take place.

In one, she gets on the train and comes home to find her boyfriend in bed with another woman. In the second scenario, she misses the train and arrives home after the woman has left.

In the early 80's, I relocated to NY because I wanted to attend the best motorcycle school in the United States, (Motorcycle Mechanics Institute) located in Phoenix, AZ, (which I did in 1985). That decision changed my life tremendously. In 1994, I relocated to Pennsylvania, was unable to find a job in the motorcycle field, switched careers thanks to the love of my life, and worked in the HIV/AIDS field for 26 years until retirement last year.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

The Perfect Body

Two weeks ago, Kim Kardashian admitted that she lost 16 pounds in three weeks in order to fit into Marilyn Monroe's $4.8 million original gown to attend the Met Gala.

Health experts were up in arms because they argued that it is dangerous and harmful for Kardashian followers, mostly young girls, for her to flaunt her drastic weight loss. 

Brenna O'Malley, a non-diet dietician and founder of The Wellful tells Yahoo Life said: "Kim Kardashian boasting about her extreme restriction and exercise regimen to lose 16 pounds in three weeks, only to later share on Instagram stories how excited she is to eat pizza and donuts after the red carpet, is textbook disordered eating, diet culture and such a dangerous message to promote to a massive, impressionable audience. Many young girls will read this and try to do the same exact thing. Kardashian is an idol to many and there are so many people who would do anything she says in the hopes to look more like her."

After the recent controversy over the Marilyn dress, now people are upset because Kardashian was chosen to be in the front cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine. 

Someone said,  "I've never been so disappointed seeing Kim Kardashian on the cover. The inclusion of a woman who has been blamed for perpetuating fake beauty, just shows money and plastic surgery is what is important. She's the reason so many young women have body issues, she's surgically enhanced everything."

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Racist Cowards Need Assault Weapons To Feel Powerful

A couple of days ago, a Twitter user posted a picture of a birthday cake for a 10 year old, designed with an assault weapon, and a pair of insults for president Biden. As per the user who posted this on Twitter, the image caption of this ten year old's birthday cake illustrates what grooming and indoctrination looks like.

Ten people were killed during a mass shooting at a Buffalo, New York supermarket yesterday. The 180-page manifesto posted online by the perpetrator of the hate crime appeared to get his talking points from Tucker Carlson, Fox News, and the Republican Party about "Great Replacement theory".

The Great Replacement theory is a far-right anti-immigrant white supremacy conspiracy theory where they accuse non-whites of replacing them in the United States.

On his manifesto, the racist shooter goes on about his perceptions of the decreasing size of the white population and claims of ethnic and cultural replacement of whites; just as Tucker Carlson has expressed in his FoxNews program in the past. This loser attributes the internet for most of his beliefs and describes himself as a fascist, and a white supremacist.

This loser not only posted a 180-page manifesto online confessing to the attack, he also live-streamed the shooting. He pleaded, "not guilty" in court. I wonder if the police took him to Burger King for a cheeseburger after the killings?

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Throwback Thursday

As you can see, the top picture was taken during a protest in the city. Next Saturday, I will be participating in another march in Center City to protest the Supreme Court draft decision.

I know we don't have many options, but I want to do my part in responding to a call to create noise and apply pressure to the court before their final decision.

If it is not their body, it is not their decision.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Two Wheel Tuesdays

The last three images I am including on this post were taken between 1976 and 1986. As you can tell, I have been riding Kawasaki motorcycles for almost 50 years. I purchased my first dirt bike motorcycle in 1974, at the tender age of 19.

The top picture is a replica of my first 1972 Kawasaki 750 Triple that I was lucky to encounter a couple of weeks ago at a motorcycle vintage gathering. It was my first street bike motorcycle, and the first love of my life. 

One of my favorite quotes is : "You don't stop riding when you get old. You get old when you stop riding." The best is yet to come!

Dirty Laundry

Former John McCain manager adviser Steve Schmidt spent the weekend trashing McCain's daughter, Meghan McCain, as well as John McCain legacy.

To top it off, Schmidt alleges that John McCain lied to him and the American people about an affair he carried out with a DC lobbyist. In other words, John McCain, the 2008 candidate for president of the United States, was sleeping with someone whose job is to influence members of congress.

Steve Schmidt waited 14 years to air the dirty laundry of the McCain family. I expect a book to be out for sale soon.

Monday, May 9, 2022

Banana Republic

One of the puzzling mysteries to me to this day, is how anyone of sound mind could listen to some of the horror stories told by ex Trump officials, and still think that Trump is qualified to do the job of Commander-In-Chief.

Just finished watching former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, who was featured earlier today on 60 Minutes. He talks about his experience working at the White House.

According to Mark Esper, Trump wanted the U.S. military to attack and shoot missiles into Mexico, one of our closest neighbors and largest trading partners. Doing that would not only violate international law, it would set a terrible precedent.

During a Washington DC protest, Trump wanted to unleash 10,000 paratroopers into the streets of Washington DC with weapons and bayonets. "Can't you just shoot them, just shoot the protesters in the legs or something?", Trump asked. Trump suggested that we should bring in the troops and shoot the protesters in the streets of our nation's capital, Esper said."

Those are the same type of scenarios that you see at Banana Republics and authoritarian regimes in foreign countries. This is exactly how they deal with protesters.

Like I said earlier, it is a mystery to me how nearly half of the voting population wants to keep this monster as President. How did our country sink so far, and so many are willing for another try with the Orange Turd at the helm?

[ Original photoshopped picture courtesy of 60 Minutes. ]