Wednesday, November 8, 2023

MAGA Gets Crushed, Loses Big Nationwide

The world is sick of everything Trump and MAGA! Ignore the fake polls, Democrats are united and voting en masse. 

Yesterday was a great day for Democracy. I'm so happy to see people choosing democracy over MAGA. Believe how people actually vote!

Even Yusuf Salaam, one of the Central Park Five, who was exonerated for a 1989 attack on a jogger, and was called to be executed by Donald Trump, won election yesterday. Biggest news of the night, Trump lost again. I love karma. 

Saturday, November 4, 2023

Selective Xenophobia

Yesterday, a Republican senator introduced legislation to ban Palestinians from the United States, and to revoke any visas issued since October 1.

This xenophobic Republican senator argues that the policy would protect Americans from the threat of Palestinian terrorists. I may be wrong, but I don't recall any Palestinian terrorist attacks in the United States ever.

After the Twin Towers attack on September 11, 2001, it was reported that 15 hijackers were citizens of Saudi Arabia. When Trump imposed his Muslim ban, Saudi Arabia was NOT on the list of banned countries. Saudi Arabia ambushed and strangled Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi in their embassy. His body was dismembered and disposed of. The United States government never imposed any sanctions to Saudi Arabia for Khashoggi's murder or the September 11 attacks.

The Orange Turd sold weapons to the Saudis for billions of dollars. In fact, he vetoed Congress bills prohibiting arm sales to Saudi Arabia. Even the Biden administration continued the arm sales to Saudi Arabia.

It is a known fact, that Saudi Arabia have transferred American made weapons to al Qaeda terrorists. Methinks that instead of imposing xenophobic legislation, it is time to stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, a breeding ground for militant Islamic terrorist activities.

Friday, November 3, 2023

Cowboys - Eagles Rivalry

Not sure why, but one of the great sports rivalries exist between the Cowboys and the Eagles NFL football teams. 

According to Wikipedia, the Cowboys versus Eagles rivalry is a 63 year long intra-divisional rivalry, with the two teams contained in the same division since 1961. I was only four years old when the rivalry began.

The teams will be facing again next Sunday, and the fans are ready for battle. Every time they play, some sport reporters make it sound like they are waging a war to end all wars between Israel and Palestine. Since I am not a football fan, to me the entire football rivalry thing is a bit silly.

Foto Friday - United States Capitol Building

This picture was taken during a trip to Washington DC on November 2020, two months before the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States.

I remember setting up my camera gear near the grassy triangle on the House side of the Capitol's East Front. This is the location where reporters and politicians hold their press conferences.

The phone rang and it was my sister who lives in Puerto Rico, and knew I was spending the weekend in DC. She was worried about me; afraid that crowds of MAGA supporters would protest, and that it would turn violent.

At that time there was a lot of hateful rhetoric and misinformation about the "Stop the Steal" movement from Trump. To put her at ease, I reassure her that some small pockets of MAGA supporters were marching outside the Capitol building, and chanting peacefully. So I was not concerned.

My visit to DC was two months before Trump and his minions encouraged his followers to march inside the Capitol building, and the riot and chaos that ensued. Every time I look at this selfie of myself photographing the Capitol building, brings back memories of when my sister called from 2,000 miles away, very concerned about my well being.

Thursday, November 2, 2023

Throwback Thursday - 1950 United States Army

This is a picture of my then 23-year-old father serving in the Army in 1950. He was fortunate that World War 2 ended six years earlier with the unconditional surrender of Germany in May 1945. 

When the Korean War broke out in 1950, my father was stationed in Panama thanks to his radio repair/maintenance skills and knowledge of communication equipment. For that reason he did not see combat action in Korea. After the war, SEARS offered my father the opportunity to be manager of the Radio/Television department in my home town. My father declined, and opened his own radio and television repair shop, until he retired.

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Who Advocates For The Victims Rights?

More information is now pouring in about the mass murderer (Robert Card) that gunned down 18 people in Maine last week.

The sister of the gunman was the person who called police and identified him as the shooter. His brother disclosed to police that a woman ended a relationship with Robert Card in the previous months, and they had previously met at one of the locations where he opened fire. Details have now been disclosed that Robert Card had been under the authorities radar for months.

Robert Card's ex-wife and his son met with authorities last May to share that Robert Card mental health had been declining, that he was paranoid and hearing voices. As per the family, Mr. Card had 10-15 guns. In September, some of his Army reservist friends contacted the sheriff office, and shared that they were concerned Mr. Card was going to snap, and commit a mass shooting. In addition, the sheriff office knew Mr. Card spent time in a psychiatric hospital, but never removed his guns.

Mr. Card killed 18 people and took his own life last week. Yesterday, Joel Merry, the county sheriff still defended the decision not to use Maine's "Yellow Flag" gun law, which removes a person's guns, if they are considered a danger to themselves or others.

The County Sheriff argues that they didn't want to violate the shooter's rights. The question to ask should be, who advocates for the rights of the victims?

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

La Codicia Y La Amistad No Van De La Mano

Ayer se quito la vida, José Miguel Centeno Sánchez, un policia de la uniformada de Puerto Rico en el pueblo de Isabela, cuando las autoridades llegaron a su casa con una orden de allanamiento. El agente, llevaba 20 años trabajando con la policia de Puerto Rico.

El policia era sospechoso de cometer el horrendo asesinato de una pareja de envejecientes. La pareja fue amordazada y baleada para robarle $200,000 de la venta de una casa. Segun la noticia, el policia llevaba una amistad de mas de 10 años con los envejecientes, y de vez en cuando hacia arreglos en la residencia de ellos. Ya lo dice el refran, "la codicia y la amistad no van de la mano".