Friday, January 21, 2022

A Few Images From Paris

I arrived home this past Monday, after spending almost a week in Paris. A fascinating city, worthy of many return visits. I think I will need at least a month to see all Paris has to offer.

I followed a friend's advice and obtained a French Health Pass on the day of my arrival to enter museums, restaurants and public venues. Health passes are available at any pharmacy for $36.00 euros.

You have to show your vaccination card at the pharmacy. They transfer the information to the document, you pay the fee and receive the pass in the spot. Without the French Health Pass, people are not allowed to enter most establishments. They requested the document at every restaurant I visited.

My main concern was where to obtain a COVID test 24 hours prior to returning to the states. Without a negative test result, the airline will refuse people to get on board. On my first day I learned that COVID-19 test are available at any pharmacy in Paris. The test cost $26.00 euros, and there is a pharmacy in every corner. No appointments necessary as you can see me on the last picture, standing outside the pharmacy waiting to be called for the test.

The top picture was taken from Bateaux Mouches, across the Seine River. The second picture is the pharmacy where I obtained the French Health Pass. The last image is where I took the COVID test 24 hours prior to my returning trip.

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