Saturday, July 10, 2021

The Mercenaries

I have been trying to find more updated information about the murder of Haiti's president Jovenel Moise last Wednesday morning. As you probably already know, it is being reported that a group of Colombian mercenaries, and two Haitian/Americans killed Haiti's president.

Most reports from news outlets here in the United States just repeat and regurgitate what is already common knowledge. After a day of trying to find new updates and getting frustrated by the same reports, this morning I searched Colombia newspapers, and found a mother load of information that is not reported in the United States. 

For example, on the Colombian newspaper El Espectador, I found a report that alleges that the so called mercenaries found the president already dead when they arrived to his house, and that they are the ones who drove the president's wounded wife to the hospital. I don't remember reading that report anywhere here in the United States. The now accused mercenaries claim that the president own security detail killed him. They also allege they were contracted by the Haitian government.

Some of these reports gets murky because as recent as three years ago, foreign security contractors were being used by Haiti's government for protection without knowledge of the country police chief. The same year, the police chief arrested five Americans (including a former Navy SEAL) and a couple of foreign nationals who claimed to be on a "government mission".  Facing charges in Haiti, the foreign security contractors group was taken out of the country with the help of the American Embassy and the State Department. 

In my opinion, whoever killed the president had assistance from powerful people in Haiti. Once it is established who paid these mercenaries to do the job, we will have the answer as to why the president was killed.

[ The top photoshopped image comes courtesy of the 2019 movie The Mercenary. ]



  1. At least one trained by US forces.

    1. Algunos familiares de los Colombianos dicen que la version que esta en la prensa no es correcta. Eventualmente espero que se sepa la verdad.

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